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Need To Sell Your House?

Our main goal from our team at National Fast Offer is to give you the most amount of cash for your property. We are known to be the fastest and easiest to work with real estate solutions company in the industry. Our team is committed to helping you with every step of the way. We can help you with completing the sale seamlessly to finding the correct movers. Contact us for a free cash offer immediately!

Our Hassle-Free 3-Step Process

Want to sell your house as fast as possible?
At National Fast Offer, you can sell your house with this easy to follow 3-step process!

Step 1 : Talk

Fill out the form or give us a call so we can analyze your property! We can calculate your cash offer in less than 48 hours.

Step 2: Offers

We will provide you with a cash offer once your house has been analyzed. Then you may accept or negotiate the offer with one of our home experts.

Step 3: Close

One of our appraisers will visit to inspect the property and deliver a check to you, in the amount which was agreed upon in step 2.

Yes! It’s That Simple!

We Buy Houses



AS FAST AS YOU WANT TO! We never say no to a home that is not in perfect condition. We buy all types of houses to help you close quickly and get the most money for your home!


NO OBLIGATIONS! We do not force you to accept an offer that we make. We simply give you a FAIR offer, and YOU choose whether you want to accept it or not! Call us to know more

National Fast Offer VS Others


Traditional House Sales

Uncertain closing with no guarantees

Pay 6% in Real Estate Agent commissions plus fees
Long sales timeline, often 6-12 months from start to finish
Home repairs, renovations, and upgrades needed

No Fees to sell your house

No costly, time-consuming renovations or repairs needed
Quick closing – stay up to 30 days after closing
No finance, appraisal, or home sale contingencies necessary
Reliable and trusted real estate brand

Real Estate Investors

Small-scale local operators, not a trusted brand
Zero Transparency often motivated by their personal agenda
Will take advantage and profit from you
High-pressure sales tactics, often not trustworthy



Houses that need to be sold because the owner has to relocate because of an emergency and they need to sell their house immediately.

No Equity

Houses that have little to no equity which is decreasing the value of the property and the owner no longer wants the house.


Houses that are duplexes and the owner is having a hard time selling it or finding tenants and needs to sell the property.


Houses where the owner has inherited or signed a bad title which is causing high payments and the owner is looking to sell.


Houses that are located in a bad area or are located far away from the city and the owner is having a hard time selling for the right price.


Houses where the owner is in the process of going bankrupt and the owner needs to sell their house to pay back their debt.


Houses where the owner is renting it out to bad tenants where they have caused damage or they are not paying rent on time.

Job Loss/New Job

Houses where the owner lost their job or found a new job in another state and need to sell their current house to relocate.

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

“My wife had a medical condition that was very expensive. We needed the money urgently, so we gave National Fast Offer a call and they were able to give us more than what we needed!”

Michael C.

Phoenix, AZ

“I had recently inherited a house from one of my family members but I had no use for it. National Fast Offer gave me a call and was willing to give me ALOT of money for my unwanted house!”

Allan W.

San Diego, CA

“I had a title issue with my house so it was extremely hard to keep up with my monthly payment for my house. National Fast Offer was able to help me by giving me a sweet cash offer for my house!”

Kevin Q.

Dallas, TX

We Buy Houses at Any Price in any condition!

Avoid Paying Unnecessary Fees

Avoid paying an agent thousands in unnecessary fees. We have helped hundreds of homeowners sell their houses fast.

No Need For Remodeling Or Repairs

When you choose to work with us, there’s no need to remodel or repair your house. We’ll handle repairs, disposals, and cleaning!